Never again for purchases using

I admit it – I do not like to shop at Future Shops stores. The sales associates are pushy and assume that you don’t know what you want (no matter how hard you try and prove that you do) and you often do not get the best deal at a storefront shop.

I am an online purchaser and I tend to prefer it that way. had this great offer – 1GB USB Flash Drives for $20! Wonderful! That is cheap enough that you are going to want to get them because even if they don’t work well it is an inexpensive enough cost that you are willing to try.

Only problem – trying to buy them.

As I said, I do a great deal of online shopping and I have never seen the level of over-securitizing incompetence that I got when I made the, in hindsight foolish, decision to buy from this company. What is worse (for them, not me) is that the purchase I was making was not for my personal use but for my company. And as the process required more than a few hours of attention from both myself (as principal technology buyer) and our company accountant – which clearly made this ‘economical’ purchase one that was WAY more expensive than necessary – I can guarantee that the next time I (both personally or for business) am called upon to make a quick, small, technology purchase… will NOT be where I go.

Heck, seeing as Best Buy now owns Future Shop, I will not be going to them either because, frankly, tarred with same feather.

As I said, I wanted to make quick purchase of a couple USB flash drives. Logged on to and found a deal (yeah!) so went forward with purchase. I put them in the shopping cart and head to checkout. Oh, did I want to pick them up at a store or have them shipped? Nope, need shipping. How much would shipping cost to you location? Enter postal codes, get answer. Okay, fine with that, can I now please check out? No, you have to have a account. That’s okay; I do so let’s get this order finished…

I hadn’t purchased from them much recently so when I logged in my user ID worked but passwords didn’t. No problem, ask them to send me a new one. It arrives, and I log in. Because I haven’t logged on in a while it needs verification that I am me. Either call the 800 number or enter a previous order number. I chose the latter. Woohoo! I’m in.

First it asks me to update my information. I do. It thanks me. But that is all it does. No indication of where to go from there. Personally, I think it is a pretty basic thing for a site to ask you if you want to return to your order basket or something to that effect at that point – multitudes of other sites can do it… why can’t a major Canadian technology retail company’s?

The next button down on the left hand column is update shipping info. Okay, perhaps that is where I am supposed to go next. Go there, update that.

“Thank you”. End of conversation.

Sigh. Back to the trying to figure out where to go next… Next is fixing your password, which I was going to have to do anyway because the temporary password they gave me was just that: temporary. And certainly not something I want to have to try and remember. So I update it. Again with the thanks. It takes a while (hey it was late at night) before I notice the teeny button for shopping cart up top. I click there – yep there is my order. Only it wants me to start again with the whole ‘find out about shipping’ thing that I have been through at the beginning. Fine, I know how much it costs for shipping… lets move on. You want my credit card? Okay, here it is… NOW can we finish this? FINALLY we get to the ‘thanks for your order, emails on there way to you’ window.

It’s over 45 minutes later but at least I am done…

HA! Not even close. The ‘thanks for order’ message comes through. It says how much the items cost, but no mention of the shipping or final costs. Hard to give that to the Accounting department – Heck it’s hard to even figure out whether or not it will be shipped! Call me crazy but no mention often means ‘not happening.’ But, at least I got an email… so it is a start.

But wait!The next day I get an ‘unable to process order’ email:

“Thank you for placing order number XXXX with
As part of our extended customer service, you will receive a telephone call, at the number provided as your bill to phone number, providing further instruction to verify your order.

Please note that we can only discuss these matters with the credit card account holder in person.

We will send you 2 more email reminders during the next 5 days but if we don’t hear from you in that time, we will automatically cancel this order.

For your convenience you can view and edit order information as well as check the status of your orders 24 hours a day through via our website… simply click on the link!”

Fine. A phone call to verify. Okay… despite the fact that I had asked for quick shipping… just have to wait.

24 hours later I get tired of waiting and check the site. I can log in this time, however when I get to the ‘you need to verify yourself’ page I does not recognize the order number that was given to me. Okay. So I enter the other, older, order number that I used before. Now IT isn’t recognized. Only solution is to call them.

The 800 number is on the ‘order number cannot be verified’ page of the site so I dial it. According to the message it can take 3-5 business days for the order information to be put up on the site. Strange when you consider that according to their email you have only 5 days to let them know that you did in fact place that order. Okay, they are idiots… move on… talk to Customer Service person.

And now more gets revealed: YOU have to call them from the phone number that is attributed to that account and tell them that “yes, I did make that order. Now could you actually start the process of getting it to me?” How foolish of me not to know that from an email that:

  • says they’ll call, and
  • doesn’t even include a phone number you for to call.

Frankly, at this point my call to them is not to verify that the purchase is going through, it is to find out what the hell is going on because if they have decided that they are “Unable to process your order” (the subject line from their second email to me) then just let me know so I can go walk up the street to The Source by Circuit City and just get it there. The Customer Service Rep I am talking to is very put out that I don’t understand their process. After all it is ‘for your security”. I say that they are going to ‘for your security’ themselves out of business, but clearly he doesn’t really care (though I am obviously a fool for not being overjoyed at their determination to keep me secure).

He takes my info down, and tells me that he is now sending the order forward and that they will get around to shipping it in 24-48 hours. I mention that if I hadn’t called when I did it would, even including my request for quick shipping, have been middle to end of next week easy before I saw my order. That is not his department – that is now shipping’s concern.

Honey, it IS your department because if I had sat around and waited for someone from your company to call me (as they hinted they would do in their email… but didn’t bother to) then we would still be stuck at the order processing stage…

I say again that I am horrified by the length of time it takes to get an order through and get the same ‘you are an idiot because you just don’t understand that you are so freaking secure ordering through their site that all of your troubles will be over forever’ speech. I tell him I am still not impressed and that I doubt I will be purchasing through again. He responds with ‘do you want to make a suggestion about how to improve it?”


“Here is the address.”

Address? I want an EMAIL address.

We can only give you an address. Or a fax number.

(Snort. Yep, really they really are a technology company…) Okay give me those.

He gives address and fax number. “It is for our head office in Burnaby, BC”

Is there someone I should direct it to?

“No, just send it there.” CLICK.

Clearly any mail I send them about this situation will be paid as much attention by head office as it was by this Customer Service Rep.

So let’s recap:

  • If I had purchased in-store it I would have gotten the item, been told I didn’t actually want what I got from an overzealous condescending sales clerk, argued that I did and was going to take it to cash to pay for it so back off, gone to cash and paid for it and walked out in about 10-15 minutes.
  • If I purchased online I will select the item, wrestle with the shopping cart, finally complete process, get ‘thank you for your order’ email, wait 24 hours until get the ‘unable to process your order’ email, wait another 24 hours before I get fed up with waiting for the promised phone call and then try and get into my account on the site, be unsuccessful but finally find a 800 number I can all to get answers, verify my identify with officious, could-give-a-care (okay, not my original word but there are children present – by which I mean Future Shop may be watching) service reps, listen to him rant about how I should bend over and show my extreme gratitude for their over-protection of my online experience, and then be condescendingly told where to stick my complaint. And the product will still take another week or so to get to me. (Just so it is a fair comparison that is 48 hours and counting).

(Oh and I pity the fool who doesn’t have time to follow the process as closely as I did because who knows if they would ever get their item).

Look, I know that if you purchase online you need to have protection – I only shop at sites which offer password protection and SSL protection and all of that. I shop on sites run by considerably larger organizations than Future Shop, and I buy from people who are way smaller. And I have never had a security problem – though if I did I can guarantee I’d be all over that immediately.

Statistics show that the majority of Canadians (companies and individuals) have made purchases online, and that there is a large minority who (again, companies and individuals) are extremely online purchase savvy (colour me part of that minority).

The system Future Shop has in place is clearly not geared to protecting my security; it is designed to ensure that I never shop online with them because the hassles, hurdles and time wasted it will not make the experience worthwhile to me.

It is the only online retail site I have ever come across that punishes you for using it!

(And as someone who recently made a $20k+ online purchase quickly, securely and effectively… making a purchase of under $100 and getting two days of trouble… not conducive to me wanting to return).

But not to worry, Future Shop, because I will not be using your site again.

Nor will I be using your owner, Best Buy’s site (feathers… tar… remember my earlier comments?)

Heck, I doubt I will be purchasing in your stores. After all, just like there are other online retailers who can meet my needs without all the bullcrap you have in place… there are other storefront retailers who can meet my needs too.

Oh, and I need some more tech stuff right now – mouse extension cords and such. Where are my shoes, I need to walk over to the computer store up the street…


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  1. FYI, today, I just went through the same experience that you had. These people at Future Shop do not even care about their customers anymore. I too was appauled at the all of the hassles that the typical online customer has to go through. And even worse, when you have to call in to speak with a CSR about your “Unable to Process Your Order” message (in a voice mail as well as email), the CSR does not have a clue about what is going on and what might be wrong with their system. Even if you explain the hassles that you have gone through, they say it’s not their fault and that this process is for “your protection.” Future Shop needs to learn a thing or two about how to do business online.

  2. Future Shop #703 Chilliwack,B.C
    refuses to onder its REBATE COUPONS
    I would never buy another thing from
    this store–also the staff is very rude and
    obnoxious. If you need to buy anything I would
    sujest you go to London Drugs.

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  4. Future shop and Best buy online stores run under the same policies. They have an order verification system that requires that the order be verified from the billing phone # which is for the consumers protection. There are many order which are attempted fraud orders which get stopped due to this process.

    I know I work for the online store.

    Simply place your order, give us a call to verify from your billing phone # and once the information is verified, the order will be approved for shipping if it is available and not on backorder. If it is on backorder, it will ship out as soon as it becomes available.

    Thats the scoop on how the verification process works. Fraud orders don’t get put through.

    Thanks, employee

  5. “Simply place your order, give us a call to verify from your billing phone # and once the information is verified, the order will be approved”

    They don’t tell you that they need to speak with you (you only find that out after you finally call to ask why your order hasn’t shipped for the last 3 days). And it isn’t that simple anyway. I called yesterday to find out was going on and verified my information, and then 30 minutes later I got a call with an automated message saying i had to call to verify my information. Silly me, I figured the conversation I just had would have taken care of it…nope…had to call again tonight to verify all over again, and there was no record of me speaking to the two customer service reps or their supervisor. I ordered my product on Sunday night and my order will not be shipped until the following Monday (if I’m lucky). FutureShop sucks!

  6. I’m in that exact same process at the moment – I was stunned that a large online store which says they’ll call – didn’t call me within 15 minutes. This was for a $1000 + computer & monitor. I think I will drop the order instead of wrestling with those idiots.

    Thank you for posting this to help me understand the hell steps I need to go through.

    Now I just have to find a comparable deal elsewhere. Thanks again!

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  8. Well, the good news is I am not the only fool for doing business with a company that makes it very difficult to do business with them online. I went through all of the same process and at the end I tell them “what would happen if I had been in a hotel room and tried to do the transaction?” – yeah, I would have been out of luck. Funny, I never get these hassles at or and some of my orders are in the thousands of dollars at those sites for my company.

    Thanks for putting on the rant on your end, and the reply from the anonymous future shop employee – talk about a lame reasoning! I want a system that makes it easy to do business AND is secure – gets a 1/10 from me because they have failed abysmally. Maybe instead of justifying themselves, they should look at sites that actually are secure AND make it easy to do business.

    And to the future shop employee monitoring this site, I did 20K of online business in the last 6 months, would you not like to have part of it? AND maybe you guys should read Fred Reicheld’s The Ultimate Question “How leading firms transform ordinary customers into promoters”.

  9. future shops rep. always tell you that the add you received that morning has been out for more than 2 weeks. Silly you but we have other items more expensive but what do you except? I am tired of these. I am going to see if I can not get it from the u.s. where the customer is still try to buy on line is the same. You manuver through the website and it won’t let you buy it.

  10. Try to purchase LG 32″ Widescreen LCD HDTV (32LC7D) online on Boxing Week 2007. Put it my shopping cart and started their 5-step checkout process. After entering all information here comes final step 5..!??!? WHAT??? My shopping cart is empty!!! Item is sold out!!! Call them and the answer was whoever pays faster gets the product! What is the purpose of Shopping Cart or the button “Return to Shopping”; if anyone can steal merchandise from your cart while you shop? Customer Service is not helpful! Stay away from online purchases! Future Shop suck!!!

  11. I think if you are an individual who enjoys turning your back on people(customers),Future Shop is the job for you! I simply wanted to return a 29.99 purchase that I WAS TOLD I needed by the salesperson,after puchasing a printer for way more than I wanted to(“sorry that item is out of stock…)!To make a long story short,once they have your money….the backs turn…and no customer service! IT WILL BE A FREEZING COLD DAY IN HELL BEFORE I WALK THROUGH A FUTURE SHOP OR ANY OF THIER AFFILIATES in the “future”!(and thats a lot more pleasant way of saying it than how the b!#^*~% heard it at the store!

  12. i had the same problem. i ordered my stuff online using my chinese credit card which the billing adress is in china. 2 days later i got a email sayed i need to call them to verify my information. so i called, they told me that i cant use a credit card that not from canada or usa. … so i changed a canadian credit card. i thought this time everything would be fine and i am going to get my stuff soon. but later when i got my credit card bill i found that the stupid charged me twice. i called them like 3 times but everytime they ask me to call again the next day. at first i am like ok, i will call back later, but that last time it just made me so mad and i was almost go nuts on them. then they ask me to fax them my bill because what they see on their system that they only charged me onec. that just piss me off. how stupid are they, really. ….so now i have to fax them my credit card bill to prove them that they charged me twice and because of that my credit card is over its limit. so the bank charged me too…… i will never shop at futureshop again. never ever….
    oh, also i ordered my stuff on boxing day but i got the delievery email says the delievery will be jan 14th between 12pm to 9pm. 3 weeks …

  13. We purchased the 50″ Samsung Plasma tv online during the Boxing Day sale (we purchased on Christmas Day). We received the email saying it would be shipped, and we could use our order # to track the shipment. We did check and it said it was in stock and would be shipped within a couple of days. A couple of days later we checked, and it now said our tv was out of stock and would not be shipped. Where did our tv go? According to the email we received it was ours. We called the so called customer service line and they were rude and kept telling us to cancel the order. Finally they said to give it 2 days and go to a local store and they would provide a comparable tv with the same discount. We drove 1/2 hour to get to this store and the overbearing sales people (not a manager like we were told), would only sell us a lesser tv for more money (sounds like bait & switch). We left with no tv, and called customer service again. They then put us in touch with a manager at a closer store who said to come in and pay for the tv as a layaway, and when it wasn’t there they could sell us the next model up for the same price. Guess what? When we got there he wasn’t there, and he wasn’t a manager. Someone else tried to sell us something different and tried to downgrade the one we were supposed to get. Back to square one. We called customer service again, and found out that there were no notes on our previous calls. He said he had to put a request in to the manufacturer to find out if the tv would be available, and a request in to head office to find out if they would supply the next better model. He said to call back in 48 hrs for an answer, on Sunday. We said shouldn’t it be business days. No you’ll have an answer on Sunday. On Sunday, there was no answer! It had to be 2 business days, not weekends. We then called on Tuesday, still no reply, surprise! It is now Wednesday. They still haven’t received a reply to the 2 requests. The supervisor said he would call back in 30 minutes. That was a few hours ago. Meanwhile, shortly after speaking to them we received an email stating that the tv would not be available at all. We can buy a different tv for the same amount (the same one the first store offered, and we were told it was an entry level plasma), or we could cancel our order and they would give us a $50 e-credit. Oh, if we decide to buy their lower quality tv, we have to pay a higher price for it first and wait for them to refund the difference. I am so frustrated right now. I believe it was a scam from the start, in the hopes that all the people in the same position I’m in will buy different tvs that they will make better profits on. I will never buy another thing from Future Shop. They can put their $50 where the sun doesn’t shine. I would rather pay more money for the tv I want and get it from a company that believes in customer service than buy anything from this farce of a company. I doubt that we’ll ever receive a return phone call from them. I will tell as many people as I can about this scam, and just maybe if enough people get smart, this company will suffer. They do not deserve our business. We own our own company, and if we treated our customers like this, we would be out of businss.

  14. meh simply put futureshop blows. (and no i’m not 14 i’m 27) so if someone does delete this F.U 2. i’ve always hated futureshop everytime i order or preorder a game they are late. heres another lil story for those best buy lovers… i order 2 games online with my best friends CC.
    now we are both on teamspeak during this. he is in Europe i am in Canada. so we get all excited about playing the new COD together and stuff, order goes through fine and all, (or so it said at the time) now heres the catch… in order for me to get those 2 games i’d have to go there to pick em up, or pay with my credit card infront of em. and then have the joy of waiting 2-5 days for delivery. in the meantime the “me” being my friend in EUROPE!! who would have to buy a 900Euro ticket come to Montreal go to bestbuy pay with his card in person since they do not charge your card online. and go back home and wait for it… my point here is simply this why make an online ordering section when it requires the cust to come to the store and pay in person, and when you ask if you can just pick the profuct up there yourself they say we have to wait until the Creditcard is verified. now heres the beauty unlike many of you who just simply write about it in a website like this i did something. i found other angry customers and sued BB&Futureshop for false advertising and poor customer support and guess what? i won and to tell you the truth it was probably the best day of my life. and yes i still shop there it’s kinda like my way to rub it in since they know me now and all it’s a joy u can only understand once you experienced it yourself try it.

  15. I decided to surprise myself for my birthday some 6 or 7 months ago and ordered a Garmin GPS for my vehicle. Went through all the bull, including them telling me that my credit card was denied for insufficient funds…another bull. I use my credit card once a month and pay it immediately (I usually buy sushi at my fav place that accepsts AMEX) anyways, long story short they sent me and email saying that they were cancelling my order. Now lets fast forward some 6 or 7 months…Ding Dong…hello? I have a package for you, sign here. So i sign, open box and there it is! My baby Garmin GPS with a receipt for futureshop saying we appreciate your business or something like that. Anyways, 12 hours later, I get an email from them telling me that my order couldn’t be processed. Am I dejavuing? (not sure if thats a word, but just follow me here for a sec) I never got charged on my credit card. So apparently their system is so deffective it sends merchandise out on its own. With that said I should have tried ordering SONY’S 70″ plasma.

  16. I never had any problems with Future Shop online. I spent more then $2000 just over last two years there. It is not difficult to make a call and enter your order number.

    By the way, shopping online means that you do not expect merchandise on the very next day. Day later or earlier – who cares!

    However, I have to admit that their webstore interface is quite stupid.

  17. They have been great for me in the past, in store, and online. When you’re ordering online, on boxing day/week, you can’t expect 100%. Even Amazon had some major issues(Google it)around boxing week with their inventory and which customers got what. Anyways, I like Futureshop more than any other retailer, and just the other day I got my 2 year old speakers replaced for free under their extended warranty as they had blown. Go figure that an extended warranty would be backed by a company!:)

  18. I order online and external hard drive, I was checking my order online using my tracking #.
    Now it’s telling me that my order has already been pick up, I check the online signature and name and signature are totally different. Now this not Future shop’s fault.
    But I call the 1-800 # been waiting for 1hrs and 30 min… and still waiting, so I decided to check online about the future shop customer service…
    I wish at least the would put any radio station instead of their stressing looping music…
    Anyway I learn my lessons with them

  19. Steve & Karen, I placed an order from on December 21, 2008, hoping to buy a TV. Since then, they don’t deliver the product, in spite of scheduling the delivery 3 times.
    As in your case, their customer service lie about passing a request for a manager call, and once I got a call from just a regular representative, pretending a manager’s call.

    Vlad, of course, buying on-line we should not expect delivery next day (if not specified), but how about scheduling delivery 3 times “between 12 and 9pm” which never happens within more than a month?
    It looks like I am starting my real action against future shop – people, be informed.

  20. I can understand some trouble during the Christmas/Boxing day period. However, as you can see from the date of my post, my problem happened in late September. And it happened over two thumb drives and a keyboard which I was purchasing for the office. I think the total came to about $45. I do know that the reason I get angry enough to make my post was that two days prior I had made an online purchase, again for the office, of 15 computers on Total was over $20k. I did not go through a rep at Dell; the whole thing was done via their website. The process was straightforward, easy and fully secure. I had made purchases through Future Shop online before that and had the same amount of trouble, but that one was the straw that broke the back. So I – and the company that I do purchasing for – have stopped using Future Shop completely. They have not received any business from us since and will never again (the other purchaser here is in complete agreement with me and has often commented that they thought I’d show far more patience with FS than they would have).

    Here is what Future Shop should have done:

    * CLEARLY indicated in their email thanking me fo rthe purchase what the process was. They should have CLEARLY indicated that a phone call from me was required, and GIVEN ME THE NUMBER.
    * Posted the phone number CLEARLY AND PROMINENTLY on their site. Perhaps have it be somethign that shows up on my order page saying “please contact us at XXX-XXX-XXXX to complete this order”. Oh, and that better be an 800 number.
    * If they aren’t going to do that, then brief their Customer Reps on the steps, and let them know the process so that they can TRUTHFULLY and POLITELY brief me.

    On the other hand they could use the online purchasing practices that Best Buy Canada has. Yeah, yeah I know I said I wouldn’t, but I wanted to try and see what would happen. Since then I have purchased several things through them because their system is straightforward and secure. Never had any of the problems I had with FS with Best Buy. Or Dell. Or Amazon (both .com or .ca), or any travel sites (including airlines, hotels, consolidated sites, international sites). In fact, I have never had an online purchase scenario that has matched the problems I had with FS.

    Anonymous FS employee: you say “simply place your order, give us a call to verify from your billing phone # and once the information is verified, the order will be approved for shipping”. The problem is that your message NEVER says that. It NEVER says that we have to “give us a call”. In fact they say YOU will call us. And they NEVER give us a phone number to call in any case.

    As for the other folks who have commented here, it is clear that problems with FS is not simply with the online process, it is with the way FS treats its customers in general. I can agree with that too. I was recently at the fancy new FS at Yonge/Dundas (again, yeah, yeah I know I said… let it go). I picked up a LAN cable I needed in computing and headed over to DVDs to pick up the other item I needed before heading to the check out. I was halfway to DVDs when a rep chased me and gave me the 3rd degree: where was I going with that cable? What did I think I was doing? I told them and they ‘escorted’ me to DVDs and stood there watching me the whole time before I headed to the checkout. Then they stood at the end of the checkout area and watched as I paid for my stuff. All for a $20 cable! If I’d had time to shop around I would have flung the cable back in their face. I wish I had, in fact; I found out the day after that the same cable was $5 cheaper at Best Buy a block or two away.

    I have had enough. Time clearly does not change FS either in the way they run their online operation or the way they run their stores. This time I mean it: I will NOT be back and I will continue to tell others to avoid this company.

  21. I am not 14 – I am 57. We received 7 phone calls in one day over a 21 dollar bill payment that was overdue- I was out of town and caller would not identify who she was or why it was urgent that she speak to me. I came home, paid the bill pluds the next months payment. Received a call the 2 days later saying I had not paid.

    I went to the store today and paid the bill in total. Spoke with pimply faced manager who was sorry and told me he had the same experience and he works there!! (claimed the financial end had nothing to do with Future Shop). I told him and the District representative that I would not be entering a Future Shop or best Buy Store in the future and that they had 48 hours to issue a written apology or I will be filing harassment charges with Consumer aFFairs of British Columbia. You are welcome to contact me if you have a comment or similar story.

  22. Found your blog while searching for how to overcome FutureShop’s self-destructive web-order-process deficiencies.

    Same story — need to verify purchase — but order number doesn’t exist (even though it still shows up in my account). Without a “real” order number the automated robot voice won’t let me reach a real, live person with a brain. No response to my email either. Following up with my bank to see whether my CC gets charged.

    If this wasn’t a supposedly-reputable company it would be labeled a phishing scheme.

    All this “security” is securing that *my* future will be Futureshop-less.

  23. This is the blog post that will not die…

    Sadly, it appears that since I first posted it – in 2006 – Future Shop hasn’t changed its ways. I admit that I haven’t purchased anything from them online since then – Best Buy and Amazon are SOOOOOO much easier to work with – and I have only purchased the occasional DVD from them in-store (don’t get me started on the way their in-store Computer/Tech people treat their customers), but a company that has such ludicrous business practices is not one I want to have much to do with.

    And I am looking for a new computer set-up for home too…

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  25. I didn’t have any problems with the order except that I couldn’t cancel my order the next day even though the website clearly stated that I could, they even had a link to it. Other than that the checkout part is not a big deal. I think most people just don’t have patience.

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  27. I’m having the same problem with a laptop I tried to order. First it was because I used a MasterCard – and when I actually spoke to MC, I found out that not only did I have more than enough room on my MC, as there was actually a $0.00 balance, I found out that Future Shop had not even tried to bill me for the item.
    So a couple of days later after getting a right runaround with FS Cust Serv, and failing to cancel my order after two tries, with the info that I had cancelled the item, I finally managed to actually speak to a real live person, who did cancel my order and gave me a special discount, if I wanted to order software – anyway after again waiting and not getting any further with a new order of the same laptop and again changing my credit card info – trying a visa this time, I have since heard nothing from them since Friday. Maybe I just need to cancel this order again.

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