Never again for purchases using (via Kat’s Passions)

This is the blog post that will not die…

Sadly, it appears that since I first posted it – in 2006 – Future Shop hasn’t changed its ways. I admit that I haven’t purchased anything from them online since then – Best Buy and Amazon are SOOOOOO much easier to work with – and I have only purchased the occasional DVD from them in-store (don’t get me started on the way their in-store Computer/Tech people treat their customers), but a company that has such ludicrous business practices is not one I want to have much to do with.

And I am looking for a new computer set-up for home too…

I admit it – I do not like to shop at Future Shops stores. The sales associates are pushy and assume that you don't know what you want (no matter how hard you try and prove that you do) and you often do not get the best deal at a storefront shop. I am an online purchaser and I tend to prefer it that way. had this great offer – 1GB USB Flash Drives for $20! Wonderful! That is cheap enough that you are going to want to get them becaus … Read More

via Kat's Passions


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